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Magnetic azimuths are not constant due to the movement of the north and south magnetic poles and hence magnetic measurements may be in error due to local magnetic field variations.In oil wells, all surveys with ‘magnetic type’ tools are initially given an azimuth reading referenced to Magnetic North.

By industry standard, 0 degree inclination is vertical (downward pointing) and 90 degrees inclination is horizontal.However, the final calculated coordinates are always converted to either True North or Grid North. The divergence between true north and magnetic north is different for most points on the earth’s surface, and in addition to this the magnetic north pole changes its position very slightly each year.The angle in degrees between true and magnetic north is called the declination angle."He also let her know that King misses her too and asks about her all the time." That's a low blow -- mentioning a child missing Kylie, especially when her pregnancy has to be pushing her nurturing instincts into overdrive." wanted Kylie to know that if she ever felt neglected that he would always welcome her back." Oh, we're sure that he would.

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