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Article II of the Constitution and the Twelfth Amendment solely refer to “electors.” The phrase “Electoral College” did not appear in federal law until 1845.

The Bexar County Elections Department is responsible for voter registration activities and election operations throughout Bexar County.

Some, neighbors said, had moved, others straight-up told the Inquirer they didn’t know the city had them down as GOPers.

One man told the paper while he was a Republican, he had never actually voted that way.

So, if anyone had voted Romney, there’s no way that vote could’ve been removed from the tally, which means if fraud had occurred, it would’ve had to have happened before the vote button was pushed.

As reported, after Sean Hannity reiterated that 59 divisions with all-Obama votes showed signs of election rigging, a West Philadelphia elections inspector took to Twitter to debunk it.There have been over 700 proposals introduced in Congress to reform or eliminate the Electoral College.In 1969, an amendment that passed overwhelmingly in the House (338 to 70) and had the endorsement of President Richard Nixon was filibustered and killed in the Senate.The votes were invalidated, however, because Greeley was ineligible to serve on account of being, well, dead. On four occasions, the winner of the popular vote did not capture the presidency.In the multi-candidate race of 1824, Andrew Jackson received the most popular votes, but with no man winning a majority of electoral votes, the House of Representatives chose John Quincy Adams to be president. Nebraska and Maine are the only states that do not automatically award all of their electors to the winner of the state popular vote.

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