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Interviews for MSc scholarships in the framework of the BCGS honors branch take place every year in spring, when shortlisted candidates are invited to Bonn and Cologne (see .

All BCGS students can apply for student allowances (e.g.

travel funds to attend summer schools or conferences), please contact your local BCGS office for details.

All relevant forms can be found in the The BCGS has long-standing ties to Osaka University and the University of Toronto.

Ph D students are usually paid a salary and contribute to teaching at the undergraduate or Master level, by leading tutorial (problem solving) sessions, and/or by devising homework problems.

To this end, the BCGS organizes advanced lecture courses on a broad range of topics, see Teaching.

Bonn focusses on particle physics (both experiment and theory), condensed matter and photonics, and astronomy/astrophysics.

The department runs its own electron accelerator (ELSA) and a cyclotron.

Research areas at the two departments of Bonn and Cologne span almost the entire range of current physics; from astrophysics, biophysics and condensed matter research to particle physics, quantum optics and string theory.

Since 2007, the BCGS has been funded through the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the German Research Foundation.

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As a further element of the graduate school, we strongly encourage a stay abroad for at least some months during the Ph D phase.

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