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It is strongly advised to file the petition on April 1st or as soon thereafter as possible.

Our prospective employee has a foreign degree in Mechanical Engineering, but the H1B Petition we are going to file is for a Computer Programmer.

Generally, you should be able to prove one of the following: Please see the above answer.

The factors that usually determine wage levels are job duties and job requirements (educational qualifications/experience and specialized knowledge).

We also recommend that you write to USCIS about the layoff and ask to revoke the H1B classification.

No, you cannot file a change of status because the person does not have a “status” to change from.

Though this information need not be submitted as part of the H1B Petition requirements, DOL can ask for this at any time.

First of all, you should meet the prevailing wage requirement, i.e., be willing to pay wages equal to or higher than the prevailing wage at the new location.

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