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I guess it’s ironic because I’m a local producer and always stressing local, but as far as females go I usually, uh, have to import from other places or meet girls at other places.I just haven’t really interacted with a girl my age in this community, well, really at all — but especially that I felt really compatible with.So I made an OKCupid profile, and I guess that’s how that started. Probably my worst experience would be with the person who I had the best OKCupid experience with. And on our farm is a confined feedlot dairy operation, which I’m not directly involved and which upsets me, and it also really upset my date. And were they eager to go back to the farm after that experience? They haven’t been back to the farm since, and actually we haven’t hung out since then.What would you say has been your best OKCupid experience since moving out there? Leah, 32, Montana: Fourth-generation cattle rancher Before you got married, did you ever date another rancher? We went to college together, he was also in the school of ag.But when the shit hits the fan and I’m working 70-80 hours a week, all the time, and I’m not around, it gets hard.” In the agricultural world, the standard challenges of finding one’s soulmate are only compounded by the fact that the number of farmers in the United States has greatly diminished.And as young people tend to be discouraged from the long, hard, and not exactly lucrative work of farming, the average age of the American farmer is only rising.For some crazy reason, being a farmer — I guess from publications like yours and others — it’s become kind of in vogue recently.In your mid-20s, if you’re doing something offbeat it’s considered really cool, and I always get positive reactions from the opposite sex for that type of thing.

Marshall, 26, Mississippi: Fifth-generation pig farmer Can you tell me a little bit about your experiences trying to meet women in the area around your farm?Really, for my social life, period, I’m in Memphis and New Orleans a lot — that’s kind of where I get that outlet.When I’m on the farm, that’s my oasis to come and be alone and be away from all of the, ah, evil influences of the outside world.But I think that the older you get, the financial reality of everything starts to set in, and what becomes more important is your ability to make a living and support yourself.So if I can prove that I can do that through doing something really innovative like this, that would be great.

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I think that’s lacking from a kid who grows up in the suburbs and reads a couple books by Joel Salatin and gets a huge boner and wants to move out to the woods.

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