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There are many different ways motorcycle clubs identify prospects. You want to treat a prospect or even someone you suspect is a prospect the same way you would treat a patchholder - with respect and courtesy.

Many clubs will take offense to someone outside their club using the prospect term. Be aware of the behavior and attitude of the other RC members who are with you (especially if anyone has been drinking) at events.

If you need to talk to an officer of a Motorcycle Club the proper way is to go through the Sgt at Arms or one of the patchholders. You have to decide whether or not you want to show respect by going to any of their functions or if you want to avoid all of them all together.Motorcycle clubs that honored the "house rules" would probably be deeply offended that you didn't.Also remember, many establishments choose to have this policy and it applies to all clubs that use any kind of patch; they do not distinguish between a MC and a RC.Many motorcycle clubs do not care to deal with the National officers.They would prefer to deal with the local or state representatives. If anyone knows a patchholder, don't let him/her throw the patchholders' name/nickname/club's name around like you're a great buddy of theirs (even if you are).

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