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Fish behaviour and reproduction remained a mystery to the ancient Egyptians: seeing mouthbreeders spitting out their fry they thought that they were giving birth.In his book about Egypt, Euterpe, Herodotus recounts what he learned about fish and his natural history is not in complete agreement with modern knowledge.Now these grains are fish, and from the grains which survive and are not swallowed, the fish grow which afterwards are bred up.Now those of the fish which are caught as they swim out towards the sea are found to be rubbed on the left side of the head, but those which are caught as they swim up again are rubbed on the right side.Fishing rods were generally not used, nor were floats alerting the angler to a catch.Instead, the fisherman supported the line with his outstretched index finger, feeling even the smallest tugs at the bait.

Among the animals that were depicted in hunting scenes are gazelles, rabbits, red foxes and hyenas.

This happens to them because as they swim down to the sea they keep close to the land on the left side of the river, and again as they swim up they keep to the same side, approaching and touching the bank as much as they can, for fear doubtless of straying from their course by reason of the stream.

When the Nile begins to swell, the hollow places of the land and the depressions by the side of the river first begin to fill, as the water soaks through from the river, and so soon as they become full of water, at once they are all filled with little fishes; and whence these are in all likelihood produced, I think that I perceive.

The end of the line where the hooks were, appears to have been weighed down, possibly with a lump of clay.

As bait they may have used bread, little pieces of dates or the like.

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