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Carolina Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton, who's still a divisive figure among NFL fans, is the league's best player according to the NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2016." Newton's ranking was released Wednesday night, along with linebacker Luke Kuechly, who came in at No. They're the first Panthers to land inside the top-10 since the players-only vote began in 2011.

After battling through a surgically repaired ankle and broken ribs during a 7-8-1 season in 2014, Newton fell 49 spots to No. But everything came together in his fifth year with the MVP award and a league-leading 45 total touchdowns.

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I feel like my ffmpeg process isn't launching either as when i play the stream with ffplay i get significant CPU usage but running through homebridge no CPU usage increased is [email protected] T i will run tonight when I get a chance and post my results.

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