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The story with which we as the audience travel from beginning to end, however, is monotonous when it needs to be intelligent and revealing, gory and bloody when it needs to be eerily suggestive and subdued, and repetitive when it should take advantage of an entire ship worth of story and subplot opportunities.

Sci-Fi fans, especially those proponents of the horror genre, won’t be let down, and you certainly could do worse over the next few weeks at the movies, but “Pandorum has its fair share of flaws.

Violence: Heavy / Profanity: Heavy / Sex/Nudity: None See list of Relevant Issues—questions-and-answers.

—“Pandorum” definitely based on “Event Horizon, and the film often struggles through various issues than it can chew of…

Intense scenes in which Bower is crawling through the ducts, covered in greases and oils, tightly cramped in trying to see what he’s hearing making noise throughout the ship are a bit overdrawn, but they do give a sense of the eerie situation these two men are in.

The writers also play to psychological fear, introducing the phenomenon of “Pandorum,” a symptom of deep space sleep and travel that causes one to go insane with shakes and tremors, eventually leading to hallucinations and violence.

If you enjoy science fiction horror movie genre, especially like “Event Horizon,” this is the film for you. —From a standpoint of Biblical morality, the use of God’s name in vain would be enough of a qualification to call it immoral.

If you really want the truth to this question as it pertains to “Pandorum,” all you have to do is check your film history. Their only hope is to go through the ventilation ducts, unlock the outer door, and make their way to the bridge to assess the situation.Pandorum’s saving grace is that, from a psychological and premise standpoint, it really is an above par Science Fiction film.The beginning and ending are intriguing, although at parts campy, but the overarching social message and plot can’t be written off entirely. In an attempt to save humanity and solve the crisis, scientists search for an Earth-like planet in the far reaches of space, and they find Tanus, a planet capable of sustaining life and various ecosystems.“Pandorum” is quite a thriller in many parts, providing plenty of scares and jumps.

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Also, “Lieutenant” Peyton’s atheistic soliloquy almost sounded like something Dawkins would write…

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