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There are individuals with 5 other surnames known to have this Group B profile and who do not have a known connection to a Hamilton; they are A-214 (surname Arthurs), F-204 (surname Frame), F-313 (surname Filby), M-183 (surname Morrison) and B-324 (surname Baker).Of these, a Frame would seem to be the most likely father for James1.The annotation "Held rank in the East Indies." indicates that the officer served in India in the East India Company's army.Daughter of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith and Agnes Dunbar Wife of Sir John Hamilton, 4th of Cadzow and William Douglas, 1st of Drumlanrig Mother of Katherine Hamilton; Sir James Hamilton, 5th of Cadzow; Margery Hamilton; Elizabeth Hamilton; Alexander Hamilton She was the daughter of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith and Agnes Dunbar.[1] Janet Douglas used the stage-name of Jacoba.2 A contract for the marriage of Janet Douglas and Sir John Hamilton, 4th of Cadzow was signed on 15 August 1381.2,3 She and Sir William Douglas of Drumlanrig obtained a marriage license on 12 June 1410.1 Children of Janet Douglas and Sir John Hamilton, 4th of Cadzow From the English Wikipedia page on John Hamilton, her husband: John Hamilton married Janet or Jacoba Douglas, daughter of Sir James Douglas, 1st Lord Dalkeith, prior to 1388.

It may be that Jacoba knew her first born son was not fathered by her husband so rather than naming him after the Hamiltons she named him after her father. If he or other relatives left male line descendants then they should show up with the Group B profile but with a different surname.There are now three Frames (Frame Group B) known to have the Hamilton Group B profile.Also, the possible close connection of the Hamiltons and the Frames is accentuated by the fact that most of those with the Frame surname (Frame Group A) have a DNA profile very similar to the Group C Hamiltons.James as a first name was not used by any male line descendants of Walter Fitzgilbert de Hamilton up to that time but in subsequent generations James was used for all first born sons up to the first Duke of Hamilton. The Group B DNA profile has unusual STR values at some sites, so unusual in fact that the presence of a combination of these values for a known haplogroup I1 individual virtually ensures that the person must be closely related to the Group B Hamiltons, regardless of surname.These unusual STR values are: 7 at DYS459a, 18 at YCAIIa, and 12 at DYS640.

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